The Club

BLJFC HISTORY – 1977 TO 2015

Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club began in 1977
The Club’s first President was Ken Birrell.
John Creaney Reserve was the Club’s home oval.
The Club fielded one team in this year – 12s white.
The Club’s first game was played on 17 April 1977 at Gairlock Oval against Applecross.
The First Little League Game was played at West Perth on 22 April 1978.
The Club played in jumpers borrowed from the Bullcreek Primary School. Many of the Club’s committee meetings were held in this Primary School during the 70′s and 80′s. In 1978 a logo competition was held. Paul and Matthew Rigby won this competition. The logo was to go on White T/Shirts which players could use for training. The Club’s first jumper design was navy blue with a light blue sash. In 1996 the Club changed it’s design to which was modelled along the lines of the original Dockers jumper. The colours being navy blue, light blue and white. The jumper was tweaked in 2004 when the white area (similar to the white of the anchor in the Dockers jumper) was widened and Navy blue was added to the bottom.

Over the past 30 years the club has managed more than 350 teams comprising over 3500 players. Since the club began, up to 2001, it has won 19 premiership flags as follows:

1981 11′s
1984 14s
1985 15s
1990 13s & 15s
1992 13s & 15s
1993 15s
1994 13s (B)
1996 15s & 16s
(South Fremantle Comp)
1997 13s (B) & 16s
1998 17s
1999 13s (B) / 14s & 14s (B)
2000 16s & 17s
The Club has had a number of it’s players win the East Fremantle Junior Council Fairest and Best Award, their names and years in which they won are as follows:

Simon Black
Linc Gibellini
Nathan Hebbard
Nic Chidgzey

Jason Glover
Justin Wilson

Jason Glover
Sean Gilbert
17′s White
The club has a number of players who have gone on to play at League Level with East Fremantle and also several players who are playing in the AFL. The most notable of these are Ben Cousins, Simon Black, Jonathon Hay, Matt Carr and Josh Carr.

Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club has also produced 2 NAB Rising Star Nominees ,Rhys Palmer and Garrick Ibbottson who were drafted to the Fremantle Dockers Football Club after playing WAFL for East Fremantle Football Club. Garrick was drafted in 2005 and Rhys in 2007/2008.

“As evidenced the club has grown to be one of the most powerful junior clubs in not only Western Australia, but Australia. Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club was voted the Number 1 Grassroots Club in Australia.

With your support we can continue to grow our club and set a solid foundation for the future.”

Source: Presidents Introduction Letter 2001 – Frank Gannaway