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How Bullcreek Leeming Junior Football Club began

BLJFC was founded in 1977, and the founding President was Mr Ken Birrell. John Creaney Reserve was the Club’s home oval.

In 1977 the club fielded one team, an Under 12 team and the club’s first game was played on 17th April 1977 at Gairlock Oval against Applecross. The First Little League Game was played at West Perth on 22nd April 1978.

'Sometimes it’s not about who has more talent. It’s about who’s hungrier for the ball!'

The Club played in jumpers borrowed from the Bullcreek Primary School and many of the Club’s committee meetings were held in this Primary school during the 70’s and 80’s.

In 1978 a logo competition was held and Paul and Matthew Rigby won this. The Club’s first jumper design was navy blue with a light blue sash.

In 1996 the Club changed its jumper design with navy blue, light blue and white colour scheme. The jumper design was amended in 2004 when the white area (similar to the white of the anchor on the original Fremantle Dockers jumper) was widened and Navy blue was added to the bottom.


Simon Black (EF) Mark Bradly (EF)
Josh Carr (EF) Matthew Carr (EF)
Matthew Cicerello (EF) Craig Civich (SF)
Nick Chidzy (EF) Ben Cousins (EF)
Bailey Matera (EF) Dylan Williams (EF)
Brad Dodd (EF, C) Nathan Elari (P)
Linc Gibellini (EF) Kyle Hardingham (EF)
Nathan Hebbard (EF) Kurt Hinkley (P)
Alex Lee (EF) Garrick Ibbotson (EF, PT)
Matthew Ah Siu (SF) Jordan Snadden (EP)
Chad Pearson (SF) Jared Jansen (EF)
Darren Humble (P) Scott McDonnell (EF)
Matthew McNally (EF) Peter Major (EF)
Chris Maguire (P, SD) Tyrone Miller (EF)
Paul Mugumbwa (SF) Rhys Palmer (EF)
Jack Fletcher (EF) Beatrice Devlyn (F) AFLW
Gabby O’Sullivan (EF) Cameron Symonds (EF)
Mark Pilling (EF) Brent Warren (EF)
Callum Leslie (EF) Brandon Matera (SF, PT, S)
Luke Foster (EF) Matthew Clarke (C)
Jacob Brennan (EF) Barry Barone (EF)
James Harrold (EF) Peter Delaney (EF)
Scott Jansen (EF) Fraser MacDougall (EF)
Kale Paton (EF)


Simon Black (BL) Ben Cousins (WCE, R)
Jonathan Hay (H, NM) Mark Bradly (M)
Josh Carr (PA, F) Matthew Carr (SK, F)
Brad Dodd (F) Garrick Ibbotson (F)
Rhys Palmer (F, GWS, Car) Kyle Hardingham (ESS)
Rhys Palmer (F, GWS, Car) Kyle Hardingham (ESS)
Brandon Matera (GC, F) Jared Jansen (BL)
Jacob Brennan (WCE) Gabby O’Sullivan (F)
Beatrice Devlyn (F, WCE) Luke Jackson (M, F)
Trent Rivers (M)


Simon Black (2001, 2002, 2003)
Josh Carr (2004) Ben Cousins (2006)
Luke Jackson (2021) Trent Rivers (2021)

A little more history

The club has had a large number of players who have gone on to play WAFL level and also several players who have also, and some still currently, playing in the AFL.

The club has grown to be one of the most powerful junior clubs in not only WA, but Australia. BLJFC has been voted the Number 1 Grassroots Club in Australia and with your support we will continue to grow our club and set a solid foundation for the future

‘Since the club began, right up to 2022, it has won several dozen premiership flags’.


We’re the mighty Bullcreek Leeming
We’re the team through thick and thin
We will fight and fight for victory
We will fight and always win
When we play the opposition
We’ll show them how it’s done
We’re the mighty Bullcreek Leeming
We’re the team that’s number one
“Credit : Original Tune “Marine’s Hymm”